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2 person kayakKayaks have been used for many things including fishing, whitewater rapids, ocean kayaking and many more sporting events but the sit-on-top kayak is a special type of kayak more suited to enjoying the surf and coastal areas although they do sit very flat in the water making them ideal for fishing.

2 Person Kayak is also known as a “Tandem Kayak”. Tandem means “Paddling in line”. Two Person Kayak as the name implies accommodates two paddlers. Kayak boats were originally made to accommodate one person, but now it’s very popular to see 2 Person Kayaks everywhere.

Here we compare the best rated kayaks available in the market right now. You can click the image to get more information on the product and “read reviews” link will take you to read the customer reviews from Amazon.

The ratings showed below are based on Amazon customer ratings.

Best 2 Person Kayak comparison chart

Sea Eagle Sport 330 Deluxe Kayak Package

Sea Eagle Sport 330 Deluxe Kayak Package

Read Reviews
- 2 Person Inflatable Kayak
-Capacity of 500 pounds
-Made with extra thick material
-NMMA certified
-limited three-year manufacturer's warranty

Interior measures 13" wide by 9', 2"long
Exterior measures 34" wide by 11', 2" long
26 pounds

Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Hunting and Fishing Canoe

Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Hunting and Fishing Canoe

Read Reviews
- Hunting fishing kayak
-2 Person
-extra ruggedness in rough waters
-Holds up to 500 pounds

10' 9" by 3' 132 Pounds
Sevylor Fiji Travel Pack Kayak

Sevylor Fiji Travel Pack Kayak

Read Reviews
-Holds up to 400 pounds
-2 Person Kayak
- 5-piece touring paddle included
10 ft. 4 in. x 2 ft. 9 in16 Pounds
Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

Read Reviews
-Best suited for akes, mild rivers, bays, day trips
-easy setup
-Holds up to 350 Pounds

12' by 35"37 Pounds


Kayak Types:

Kayaks can be divided in to following categories, so that you can choose easily what type of Kayak will fit to your needs.

Fishing Kayak

These Kayak boats are specially designed for sport use and for anglers. The significant features of fishing kayaks are light weight and stability. They are built with extreme stability in mind. Most kayaks of this type come with extra features to make the fishing excursions easier.

 Sit on Top Kayak

sit on top kayakSit on top kayaks  are kayak with open decks. They tend to flood as soon as you sit on them but that’s ok as they are designed to self  bail once you start to paddle. Water escapes through special holes around the seat so if you plan on kayaking in winter months or cold weather be sure to wear your wet suit.

The main problem with a sit on kayak is the lack of storage space but you can find sit-on-top kayak accessories such as bungee cables to help out in this area. Sit-on-top kayaks come in a wide range of fun bright colors such as pink, bright blue and yellow but you can also find more sedate colors if you intend to use them for fishing.

As stated previously these sit-on-top kayaks are primarily designed for having fun at the beach so if that’s your thing then what are you waiting for? go grab one of the kayaks now and start having fun….

Recreation Kayak

recreational kayakRecreation kayaks are for everyone who love to have some fun in the water , specially designed for casual outdoor lover in mind. Recreation Kayaks are great for casual paddlers to use on lakes. Easy entering and exiting from the boat , easier to handle , light weight are some

characteristics of this kind of Kayaks.


Sit Inside Kayak

sit in kayakKayak boats which are designed to sit inside with a closed cockpit are called as “sit inside kayak”. Sit Inside kayaks are traditionally developed for longer  paddling distances in mind.

The good about using a Sit In boat is that you can stay dry and it also make a better choice for year around use. Comparing to the Sit On Top Kayaks, these have more storage area. The downside of course that  you need to master the skills to enter to the boat and its also harder to paddle with a kid or a pet inside.


Tandem / Two Person Kayak

Tandem Kayaks are designed for two people and sometimes more.  They are stable and make enjoyable family excursions. They are better suited for all type of recreational events  for example : paddling in lakes, flat rivers .

Is the two person kayak right choice for you?

A Tandem Kayak is the ideal choice for you, if you plan to share it with your family members of friends. Many 2 person kayaks can also be paddled by one person too. You just have to re-position the seat to do this. If you are going to a camping site, you can still use this boat as tandems provide storage for a lot of gear. Lot of outdoor sport lovers tend to choose 2 Person kayaks as they are very versatile and provide the best value for the money.

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Now that you have seen the options and  our top picks 2 person kayak boats on the market, its up to you to pick what meets your needs, is in your price range, and overall help you gear up for your outdoor water sport adventures.

As you know, new kayaks are being produced all the time by new and old manufacturers.  For that reason, the comparison chart above will be updated as new kayaks need to be added to the list.  Or if you feel like we missed a best tandem kayak  that needs to be included on the list, let me know in the comments below!

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